Habakkuk 2

1:1 (a-0) * Said to mean. 'Embracing.'2:3 delay. (b-34) Or 'be behindhand.' 2:5 man, (c-11) Geber. Job 3.3. desire (d-20) Or 'appetite;' lit. 'soul.' see Isa. 5.14. 2:6 pledges! (e-39) There is a play on the word, which may also mean 'thick clay.' So in ver. 7 'bite' may mean 'exact usury of.' cf. Jer. 8.17; Ezek. 22.12. 2:10 against (f-16) Or 'endangered.' 2:13 nations (g-18) Leummim, Ps. 2.1. vain? (h-22) Or 'to no purpose.' see Jer. 51.58; Isa. 30.7. 2:15 flask, (i-14) Or 'thy poison,' 'thy fury.' 2:16 of (k-7) Or 'more than with.' foreskin (l-15) Or 'thine uncircumcision.' 2:17 afraid; (m-18) Or 'shall affright thee.' land, (a-30) Or 'earth.'
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