Habakkuk 3

1:1 (a-0) * Said to mean. 'Embracing.'3:1 Shigionoth. (b-8) Plural of Shiggaion. see title of Ps. 7. 3:2 work (c-14) Poal. as ch. 1.5. 3:3 full (d-22) Or 'was full.' 3:4 Rays (e-8) Lit. 'horns.' 3:6 earth; (f-6) Or 'made the earth to tremble.' everlasting. (g-27) Or 'His are the ways of old.' 3:14 leaders. (h-13) Others read 'the leaders of his hordes.' 3:16 invader (a-35) Or 'his overcomer.' people. (b-41) Or 'when he that rusheth in troops upon us shall come up against the people.' Cf. Gen. 49.19. 3:19 Lord, (c-3) Jehovah Adonai. see Ezek. 2.4.
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