Haggai 2

1:1 (f-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Haggai'), Said to mean 'Festive' or 'Festival of Jehovah.' Darius (g-6) Darius Hystaspes. see Zech. 1.1; Ezra 4.24. by (h-25) Lit. 'by the hand of,' as often.2:14 offer (a-31) Lit. 'they present,' as Lev. 1.2; 7.12, &c. 2:15 consider (b-6) Lit. 'set your heart.' onward, (c-11) Lit. 'upward;' and so ver. 18. Some take it as meaning 'backward' in ver. 15. 2:18 Consider (b-1) Lit. 'set your heart.'
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