Hebrews 12

1:1 formerly (g-11) Or 'of old.'12:1 witnesses (a-11) Witness, in English, has two senses. 'seeing, so as to bear witness,' and 'giving testimony to.' The last only I apprehend is in the Greek here. sin (b-19) Or 'the sin.' entangles (c-23) Or 'besets.' The one Greek word here represents the whole phrase, 'which so easily entangles us.' 12:2 stedfastly (d-2) It means, looking away from other things and fixing the eye exclusively on one. leader (e-6) See Note, Acts 3.15. down (f-30) The perfect tense with abiding result. 12:3 well (g-3) 'Weigh so as to judge its value,' and sometimes in comparison with other things. 12:5 have (h-3) Or 'And have ye?' sons. (i-14) See Prov. 3.11,12. 12:7 for (k-3) Or 'as,' that is, as chastening, not as wrath. Some authorities have 'if ye endure chastening.' 12:8 partakers, (l-13) Metochos, see Note q at ch. 2.14. 12:10 holiness. (m-25) Hagiotes. See Note f at Rom. 1.4. 12:12 knees; (n-12) See Isa. 35.3. 12:13 feet, (o-7) See Prov. 4.26. 12:14 holiness, (p-6) Hagiasmos. See Note i at Rom. 1.4. 12:17 it (q-25) 'The blessing.' What he sought in Gen. 27.34. 12:19 declined (r-14) As Luke 14.18. as 'refused,' ver. 25. 12:20 enjoined. (s-10) See Ex 19.13. 12:22 Zion; (a-7) The words 'and' give the division of the subjects very distinctly here. 12:23 perfect; (b-30) The words 'made perfect' relate to 'just men,' not to 'spirits.' Compare ch. 11.40 12:24 new (c-7) Neos; not the usual word for new covenant, which is kainos. Neos is 'new' in the sense of fresh, youthful. Kainos is new as wholly different. 'The new (kainos) man,' Eph. 4.24, i.e. it is not the old; neos, Col. 3.10, it is not grown old. 12:25 refuse (d-4) refused (d-17) As ver. 19, 'excusing themselves, declined.' 12:26 saying, (e-12) See Hag. 2.6. 12:28 grace, (f-12) Or 'be thankful.' reverence (g-21) Or 'godly fear.' see Note e, ch. 5.7. serve (o-17) Latreuo, as chs. 9.9; 12.28; 13.10. 12:29 fire. (h-8) See Deut. 4.24; 9.3.
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