Hebrews 13

1:1 formerly (g-11) Or 'of old.'13:3 (i-1) See Note c, ch. 2.6. 13:4 honour, (k-8) Or 'Let marriage be held in honour amongst all.' The expression does not mean simply that the marriage tie is to be respected when in it, and kept pure, but that the tie itself was to be held in honour. In purity of walk that was done by the married no doubt, but not in every case. 13:5 thee. (l-27) Josh. 1.5. See also Deut. 31. 6. 13:6 me? (m-24) Ps. 118.6. 13:7 conversation, (n-19) i.e. 'conduct,' 'manner of life,' as 1Tim. 4.12. 13:10 serve (o-14) Latreuo, as chs. 9.9; 12.28; 13.10. 13:20 brought (a-7) Lit. 'the bringer again;' the article and participle give the character without relation to time. power (b-24) Or 'in virtue of,' en. covenant, (c-31) See Ezek. 37.26. 13:21 doing (d-9) Aorist, 'to the having done it.' doing (e-13) Or 'producing.' the present tense, 'God working in them continually.' 13:23 soon, (f-16) 'Sooner than perhaps he may.' see John 13.27, 'quickly;' 1Tim. 3.14, 'more quickly.'
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