Hebrews 4

1:1 formerly (g-11) Or 'of old.'4:4 works. (c-21) See Gen. 2.2. 4:6 word, (b-29) Apeitheo. see Note e, John 3.36. 'Who had not hearkened to the word' is, I apprehend, the true force here. It is taken from the LXX, Num. 14.43 and Deut. 1.26, which refer to the occasion on which God declared their carcases should fall in the wilderness. 4:8 Jesus (d-3) Greek for Joshua. see Note, Num. 13.16. 4:11 diligence (e-5) enter (e-7) Aorists. i.e. 'be in a state of having done it.' word. (f-25) See Note, ch. 3.18. 4:12 division (g-20) The passage has, I judge, the sense of dividing between each pair of objects and not of dividing each of the things by itself. 4:15 manner, (h-22) Or 'according to [our] likeness,' which has substantially the same sense, 'according to the likeness of the way in which we are tempted.'
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