Hebrews 5

1:1 formerly (g-11) Or 'of old.'5:5 thee. (a-30) See Ps. 2.7. 5:6 ever (b-14) Eis ton aiona. 'into the age.' Not eis to dienekes, as in chs. 7.3; 10.1,12,14; this last is continuing uninterruptedness more than there being no end, though it may so continue. Melchisedec. (c-20) See Ps. 110.4. 5:7 of (d-24) Ek, 'out of,' not 'from.' piety;) (e-38) Or 'fear,' as some translate; and then well rendered, as in A.V., 'in that he feared.' 5:8 Son, (f-4) Alluding to the citation of Ps. 2 just above. 5:9 author (g-12) Lit. 'a causer,' 'one who caused.' 5:10 by (h-2) Or 'saluted of' 5:13 partakes (i-5) 'Partakes,' ch. 5.13 is metecho. 'Partakers,' ch. 6.4, is metochos, see Note q, ch. 2.14.
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