Hosea 10

1:1 (f-0) (The title of this book, 'Hosea'), Strictly 'Hoshea,' meaning, 'Deliverance.' see Num. 13.16.10:1 himself. (g-11) Or 'fruit according to what he is.' statues. (h-34) See Note, ch. 3.4. 10:2 statues. (h-21) See Note, ch. 3.4. 10:3 for (i-22) Or 'to.' 10:4 covenant; (k-10) Or 'they pronounce words, they swear falsely, they make a covenant.' 10:5 calf (l-10) Or 'the calves,' (fem.). see Note, ch. 14.2. priests (m-24) See 2Kings 23.5. 10:6 Jareb. (n-13) See ch. 5.13. 10:7 chips (o-10) Others, 'foam.' 10:9 From (a-1) Or 'More than in.' see ch. 9.9. 10:10 iniquities. (b-23) See Jer. 2.13 and 1Kings 12.28. 10:13 iniquity, (c-6) Elsewhere rendered 'unrighteousness' or 'wrong.'
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