Hosea 5

1:1 (f-0) (The title of this book, 'Hosea'), Strictly 'Hoshea,' meaning, 'Deliverance.' see Num. 13.16.5:1 for (b-23) Or 'against.' 5:2 apostasy, (c-10) Or '[with] sacrifices do they go far (or deeply) in revolt.' 5:4 to (d-7) Or 'they do not frame their doings to.' 5:7 moon (e-17) Or 'a month.' possessions. (f-23) Or 'portions.' 5:8 aloud (g-11) Or 'sound an alarm,' as Joel 2.1. 5:11 man]. (h-16) Or '[of the king].' 5:13 Jareb; (i-20) Meaning, 'he will contend;' and so ch. 10.6. 5:14 lion, (k-9) Or 'fierce lion,' as ch. 13.7; Job 4.10. 5:15 trespass, (l-15) Or 'guilt,' asham. see Note b, Lev. 5.1. early. (m-27) Or 'earnestly.'
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