Hosea 9

1:1 (f-0) (The title of this book, 'Hosea'), Strictly 'Hoshea,' meaning, 'Deliverance.' see Num. 13.16.9:2 fail (h-15) Lit. 'deceive.' 9:4 themselves; (i-42) Lit. 'their soul' (i.e. appetite). 9:6 Moph (k-15) Noph (Memphis). 9:8 God? (a-7) Or 'Ephraim is on the watch [looking to others] besides my God.' 9:9 Gibeah. (b-11) Judg. 19.15. 9:10 first-ripe (c-10) As Lev. 2.14. see Note b, Lev. 2.12. 9:13 planted (d-9) Or 'as I see him, as far as Tyre, was planted.' place; (e-13) A 'pasturage' or 'habitation.' 9:15 rebellious. (f-37) Or 'refractory,' as ch. 4.16, 'refractory' and 'untractable.'
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