Isaiah 19

1:1 (d-0) (The title of this book, 'Isaiah'), Meaning, 'Salvation of Jah.' see Ps. 68.4.19:3 destroy (a-16) Lit. 'swallow up.' 19:5 sea, (b-8) The word is applied also to a large river; here the Nile. 19:6 streams (c-8) Or 'canals.' Egypt (d-10) The Hebrew is Matsor, applied originally to the fortified part of Egypt in the north-east, 2Kings 19.24. 19:9 fine (e-6) Or 'fine combed.' 19:11 Zoan, (f-8) Tanis. see ch. 30.4. 19:13 Zoan (f-4) Tanis. see ch. 30.4. Noph (g-11) Memphis. 19:18 Heres. (h-32) Meaning, 'City of destruction,' or, according to others, 'City of the sun,' perhaps Heliopolis. 19:20 defender, (i-39) Or 'great one;' or 'prince.'
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