Isaiah 26

1:1 (d-0) (The title of this book, 'Isaiah'), Meaning, 'Salvation of Jah.' see Ps. 68.4.26:2 in. (c-14) See Ps. 118.19,20. 26:3 peace (d-6) Lit. 'in peace, peace.' 26:7 even. (e-18) Or 'dost weigh the path (see Prov. 2.9) of the just.' 26:8 memorial. (f-27) Or 'to the remembrance of thee;' but cf. Ex. 3.15; Ps. 102.12, &c. 26:11 people, (g-20) Or 'they shall see, and be ashamed for [their] jealousy of the people.' 26:15 earth. (h-26) Or 'Thou hast extended all the boundaries of the land.' 26:16 prayer (i-12) Or 'lisping,' or 'secret speech.' 26:19 bodies (a-7) According to others '[with] my dead body, they.' morning, (b-28) Lit. 'the lights.' earth (c-31) Or 'land.' dead. (d-36) As ch. 14.9.
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