Isaiah 27

1:1 (d-0) (The title of this book, 'Isaiah'), Meaning, 'Salvation of Jah.' see Ps. 68.4.27:1 leviathan (e-15) leviathan (e-20) As Job 3.8. fleeing (f-17) Or 'straight.' sea. (g-34) See Note, ch. 19.5. 27:2 wine; (h-11) Or 'a pleasant vineyard.' see Amos 5.11. sing (i-12) 'Sing in turn,' or 'alternately.' see Ex. 32.18. 27:3 harm (k-13) Lit. 'punish,' 'visit,' as ver. 1. 27:5 make (l-18) Or 'he made.' 27:7 him? (m-25) i.e. by Jehovah. 27:12 gathered (n-30) Or 'gleaned,' as Ruth 2.8. 27:13 perishing (o-23) Or 'lost,' but cf. Deut. 26.5.
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