Isaiah 3

1:1 (d-0) (The title of this book, 'Isaiah'), Meaning, 'Salvation of Jah.' see Ps. 68.4.3:3 enchantments. (f-22) Lit. 'whisperings.' the charmer, as Jer. 8.17. 3:4 children (g-10) Some take the word as 'childish things,' or 'caprices.' 3:7 healer, (h-15) Lit. 'a binder up.' 3:9 brought (i-28) Lit. 'rewarded.' 3:11 desert (a-13) Lit. 'reward.' see ver. 9. 3:12 destroy (b-23) Lit. 'swallow up.' so chs. 19.3; 25.7,8. 3:18 crescents, (c-18) Or 'the networks, and the little moons.' 3:20 head-dresses, (d-2) Or 'diadems.' 3:23 mirrors, (e-2) Or 'thin transparent garments.'
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