Isaiah 30

1:1 (d-0) (The title of this book, 'Isaiah'), Meaning, 'Salvation of Jah.' see Ps. 68.4.30:1 leagues, (i-18) Or 'cover with a covering.' 30:2 protection (k-21) Or 'to strengthen themselves with the strength.' 30:4 his (l-2) i.e. Judah's. Hanes. (a-12) Tahpanhes. see Jer. 2.16; 43.7; Ezek. 30.18. Heracleopolis, in Central Egypt. 30:7 Arrogance, (b-16) Heb. Rahab, a name of Egypt. 30:8 record (c-11) Lit. 'engrave.' witness (d-27) Instead of 'as a witness for ever,' many take it as 'for ever and ever;' but cf. Deut. 31.26. 30:10 prophets, (e-11) Lit. 'those who have visions,' as Num. 24.4. 30:13 instant. (f-27) Or 'unexpectedly,' as Num. 6.9. 30:18 mercy (g-24) Or 'will he withdraw himself until he have mercy.' 30:20 of (h-9) of (h-14) Or 'in.' hidden (i-22) Or 'turn themselves away.' 30:22 overlaying (a-15) Or 'coating,' or 'ephod;' cf. Ex. 28.8; 39.5. 30:23 rich. (b-30) Or 'nourishing.' 30:28 destruction, (c-22) Or 'vanity.' 30:29 sanctified; (d-14) See 2Kings 10.20; Joel 1.14. 30:31 [him] (e-16) Or 'who smote.' 30:32 it. (f-29) Or 'with them.' 30:33 Topheth (g-2) See 2Kings 23.10.
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