Isaiah 5

1:1 (d-0) (The title of this book, 'Isaiah'), Meaning, 'Salvation of Jah.' see Ps. 68.4.5:1 hill. (a-23) Lit. 'horn of a son of fatness.' 5:6 cultivated, (b-15) Or 'hoed.' the word apparently means 'to gather the earth about the roots, while removing weeds.' see ch. 7.25. 5:7 cry. (c-36) There is an assonance in each set of words, which may be represented in both cases by the similarity of 'right' and 'might.' What is called paronomasia abounds in this book. See ch. 7.9; Gen. 49.8,16,19; Judg. 15.16; Mic. 1.10 to 15. 5:10 ephah. (d-18) The tenth part of a homer. A homer was ten ephahs and an ephah was ten omers. see Ezek. 45.11; Ex. 16.36. 5:12 lyre, (e-4) Or 'lute.' work (f-19) Poal, as chs. 1.31; 45.9, 'a thing done.' 5:14 her (g-14) i.e. Jerusalem's. 5:15 man (h-4) man (h-12) See Notes, ch. 2.9. 5:17 ones (i-17) i.e. rich men. 5:21 esteem! (a-16) Lit 'before their faces.' 5:24 word (b-45) Imrah. see Note, Ps. 119.11. 5:25 dung (c-34) Or possibly 'were cast away.' 5:30 thereof. (d-35) Others, 'with its clouds.'
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