Isaiah 65

1:1 (d-0) (The title of this book, 'Isaiah'), Meaning, 'Salvation of Jah.' see Ps. 68.4.65:5 thou. (a-16) Or 'I sanctify myself in respect of thee.' 65:10 fold (b-7) Or 'pasture.' 65:11 Gad, (c-16) Fortune, or planet Jupiter. Meni. (d-23) Number, or Fate, or planet Venus. 65:12 assign (e-4) Or 'number,' alluding to Meni. 65:14 vexation (f-24) Lit. 'breaking.' 65:16 land (g-9) Or 'earth.' truth; (h-17) truth. (h-31) Heb. Amen. 65:22 enjoy (a-34) Or 'shall use,' 'use up.' 65:25 together, (b-8) Lit. 'as one.'
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