James 2

1:3 works (g-8) Works out as an effect. see ver. 20; Phil. 2.12.2:4 having (a-12) Lit. 'of evil thoughts,' as we say, 'a man of corrupt habits.' 2:8 thyself, (b-18) See Lev. 19.18. 2:12 (C)1998 economy publishing. Rights asserted over non-public domain aspects only. 2:16 filled; (c-15) Or 'warm and fill yourselves.' 2:18 from (d-21) Ek, or 'on the principle of,' as vers. 24.25. see Rom. 4.2. 2:20 dead? (e-13) Or as some MSS. 'fruitless and inoperative.' 2:21 by (f-7) Ek, as ver.18. 2:22 by (f-11) Ek, as ver.18. 2:23 says, (g-7) See Gen. 15.6.
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