James 3

1:3 works (g-8) Works out as an effect. see ver. 20; Phil. 2.12.3:5 wood (a-21) i.e. a forest. But some regard the expression as meaning 'materials.' 3:6 hell. (b-38) Gehenna. 3:9 Father, (c-7) Or, perhaps, 'the Lord and [the] Father.' The form of the phrase must be noted. it is one article with two nouns, and so they are in some respect one, perhaps here only in respect of the blessing. 3:13 conversation (d-15) Or 'conduct,' 'manner of life,' as 1Tim. 4.12. 3:14 boast (e-14) 'Against truth' is connected with 'boast,' as with 'lie.' 3:17 unquestioning, (f-19) Or 'uncontentious,' that is, in contrast with contentious pretension to wisdom. practical righteousness bears the fruit of peace for those who make peace.
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