Jeremiah 14

1:1 (e-0) (The title of this book, 'Jermiah'), The name may mean, 'Jah is exalted.' Compare the large use made of the name Jehovah in this book; it occurs about 700 times. Adonai Jehovah 14 times.14:3 ones (d-7) Or 'their menials,' as also ch. 48.4. 14:10 to (e-4) Or 'concerning.' 14:17 cease; (a-21) Or 'Mine eyes run down with tears, night and day, and they cease not.' 14:18 not. (b-42) Or 'wander about in the land, and they know not [what to do].' 14:21 disgrace (c-11) Or 'lightly esteem,' as Deut. 32.15. 14:22 HE, (d-23) Or 'thou, the Same.' see Deut. 32.39.
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