Jeremiah 18

1:1 (e-0) (The title of this book, 'Jermiah'), The name may mean, 'Jah is exalted.' Compare the large use made of the name Jehovah in this book; it occurs about 700 times. Adonai Jehovah 14 times.18:4 clay, (c-10) Another reading is found in many MSS., 'that he made of clay was spoiled.' 18:14 field? (a-12) It may be translated, 'Shall the snow of Lebanon be left which cometh from the rock of the field?' up? (b-23) Or 'be abandoned.' 18:16 astonishment, (c-6) Or 'a desolation.' 18:21 off (d-36) Lit. 'slain.' 18:22 cry (e-3) Or 'A cry shall.' 18:23 me. (f-12) Or 'their deadly counsel against me '
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