Jeremiah 23

1:1 (e-0) (The title of this book, 'Jermiah'), The name may mean, 'Jah is exalted.' Compare the large use made of the name Jehovah in this book; it occurs about 700 times. Adonai Jehovah 14 times.23:3 pastures; (d-26) Or 'folds.' 23:5 Branch, (e-15) Strictly, 'Sprout.' see ch. 33.15; Isa. 4.2; Zech. 3.8; 6.12. wisely, (f-23) Or 'and prosper,' as ch. 20.11. See Note, Prov. 1.3, sachal. land. (g-32) Or 'earth.' 23:9 broken; (h-9) Or 'My heart is broken for the prophets.' 23:11 profane. (a-7) Or 'godless;' and in ver. 15, 'ungodliness.' 23:15 profaneness (a-31) Or 'godless;' and in ver. 15, 'ungodliness.' 23:16 vanity; (b-22) Or 'befool you.' see ch. 2.5, and 2Kings 17.15. 23:22 had (c-10) Or 'counsel, then would they have.' 23:26 be (d-5) Or 'How long? Is it ...?' 23:27 neighbour. (e-21) Or 'friend.' as vers. 30,35. see ch. 3.1. for (f-29) Or 'through.' 23:33 What (a-26) Or 'Ye are the.'
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