Jeremiah 37

1:1 (e-0) (The title of this book, 'Jermiah'), The name may mean, 'Jah is exalted.' Compare the large use made of the name Jehovah in this book; it occurs about 700 times. Adonai Jehovah 14 times.37:9 yourselves, (a-6) Lit. 'your souls.' 37:12 among (b-20) Some translate 'thence to slip away through.' 37:16 dungeon (c-7) Lit. 'house of the pit,' as Ex. 12.29; or 'cistern,' Isa. 36.16. see ch. 41.9 and Gen. 37.20. 37:20 come (d-17) Lit. 'fall.'
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