Jeremiah 50

1:1 (e-0) (The title of this book, 'Jermiah'), The name may mean, 'Jah is exalted.' Compare the large use made of the name Jehovah in this book; it occurs about 700 times. Adonai Jehovah 14 times.50:1 concerning (a-6) concerning (a-8) Or 'against.' 50:2 Bel (b-20) Merodach (b-25) A Babylonian idol. dismayed. (c-27) dismayed. (c-37) Or 'broken in pieces.' 50:6 mountains. (d-20) Or 'caused them to go astray on the perverting mountains,' alluding to the idolatrous high places. 50:11 grass, (e-21) Or 'that treadeth out [the corn].' 50:12 hindmost (f-22) Or 'the last,' as Amalek was said to be 'the first.' Num. 24.20. 50:15 hand; (g-10) i.e. 'hath surrendered.' 50:21 rebellion, (a-8) Or 'apostasy,' Heb. Merathaim. Some take the word as a symbolic name of Babylon. see ch. 51.1, and Note. visitation; (b-16) Or 'punishment.' Heb. Pekod. see Ezek. 23.23. 50:31 one, (c-7) Lit. 'pride,' as ch. 49.16. It is Babylon personified. 50:32 one (c-4) Lit. 'pride,' as ch. 49.16. It is Babylon personified.
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