Job 12

1:1 Uz (a-9) See Lam. 4.21. perfect (b-18) Complete, lacking nothing; cf. 2Sam. 22.24.12:3 understanding (f-4) Lit. 'heart.' so ver. 24, and chs. 34.10,34; 36.5. 12:5 ease. (g-22) Or 'Contempt for misfortune is, in the thought of him that is at ease, prepared for those whose feet totter.' 12:6 bringeth. (h-19) Others read 'who carry +God in their hand.' 12:10 spirit (a-13) Or 'breath.' 12:18 weakeneth (b-2) Lit. 'openeth,' 'relaxeth.' see ch. 30.11. 12:19 priests (c-3) Or 'chief men.' 12:20 speech (d-4) Lit. 'lip.' trusty, (e-6) Or 'eloquent.' 12:25 stagger (f-13) Or 'wander.'
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