Job 15

1:1 Uz (a-9) See Lam. 4.21. perfect (b-18) Complete, lacking nothing; cf. 2Sam. 22.24.15:4 piety (c-4) Or 'fear [of God].' 15:5 iniquity, (d-6) Some read 'iniquity teacheth thy mouth.' 15:10 us, (e-9) Or 'Among us is a greyheaded man, yea an aged one.' 15:14 man, (b-3) Enosh. see Ps. 8.4. 15:15 ones, (f-9) See ch.5.1. 15:29 upon (a-17) Or 'and their prosperous condition shall not bow [from fulness] toward.' 15:30 his (b-20) That is, the Almighty's (ver. 25). 15:32 day, (c-7) That is, 'the day of his death.' 15:34 family (d-3) Or 'assembly,' 'company.'
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