Job 20

1:1 Uz (a-9) See Lam. 4.21. perfect (b-18) Complete, lacking nothing; cf. 2Sam. 22.24.20:10 wealth. (g-15) Or '[what] his violence [took away].' 20:11 strength; (h-8) Others, 'of his secret sins;' see Ps. 90.8. 20:13 mouth, (i-14) Lit. 'palate.' 20:19 away (a-13) Or 'he pillaged.' 20:20 craving, (b-8) Heb. 'belly.' 20:22 wretched (c-16) Or 'all the power of need.' 20:23 he (d-9) i.e. God. his (e-12) i.e God's. flesh. (f-25) Or 'as (or, with) his food.' 20:28 his (e-14) i.e God's.
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