Job 22

1:1 Uz (a-9) See Lam. 4.21. perfect (b-18) Complete, lacking nothing; cf. 2Sam. 22.24.22:8 rank (h-14) Lit. 'he whose person is accepted.' 22:11 waters (a-11) Others, 'Or seest thou not the darkness, and the floods of waters which.' 22:15 mark (b-3) Some read 'Dost thou follow.' wicked (c-8) Or 'vain.' 22:16 off (d-4) Or 'huddled away,' as by the rising flood. with (e-12) Or 'has flowed away like.' 22:20 his (f-15) Lit. 'their.' 22:21 him, (g-5) i.e. God. 22:29 he (g-13) i.e. God. they (h-2) i.e. his ways. eyes. (i-21) Or 'looks.' 22:30 he (g-8) i.e. God.
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