Job 9

1:1 Uz (a-9) See Lam. 4.21. perfect (b-18) Complete, lacking nothing; cf. 2Sam. 22.24.9:3 him, (a-8) him (a-12) i.e. God. 9:4 peace? (b-18) Or 'hath prospered.' 9:8 waves (c-12) Or 'extent.' 9:9 chambers (d-11) i.e. the starry regions. 9:13 helpers (e-8) Lit. 'helpers of Rahab.' see ch. 26.12. 9:22 he (a-8) i.e. God. 9:23 he (a-6) i.e. God. 9:24 he (a-13) i.e. God. 9:29 wicked, (f-6) Or 'accounted wicked.' vain? (g-13) Or 'why do I trouble myself for nothing?' 9:30 purity, (a-12) Or 'with lye.' 9:33 umpire (b-5) Or 'mediator.'
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