Joel 2

1:1 (g-0) * (The title of this book, 'Joel'), Said to mean, 'Jehovah is God.'2:1 trumpet (f-3) Or 'horn.' 2:8 amid (a-16) Or 'burst through.' wounded. (b-21) Or 'separated,' or 'they break not off [their course].' 2:12 saith (c-4) See Gen. 22.16. 2:13 loving-kindness, (d-27) See Ex. 34.6. 2:14 repent, (e-7) Or 'repent again.' 2:15 trumpet (f-3) Or 'horn.' 2:16 children, (g-12) Or 'infants.' 2:17 nations. (h-39) Or 'that the nations should rule over them.' 2:20 hinder (i-36) Or 'western.' see Note c, Deut. 11.24. 2:22 increase. (a-30) Lit. 'strength.' 2:23 measure, (b-23) Or 'richly.' Lit. 'in righteousness.' rain, (c-36) See Note f, Ps. 84.6. season]. (d-46) Or 'in the first [month].' 2:28 (e-0) Vers. 28-32 compose ch. 3 in the Hebrew. 2:30 shew (f-4) Lit. 'give.' 2:32 deliverance, (g-26) Or 'an escape,' as Jer. 25.35.
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