Joel 3

1:1 (g-0) * (The title of this book, 'Joel'), Said to mean, 'Jehovah is God.'3:2 Jehoshaphat, (h-17) Meaning, 'Jehovah judgeth.' 3:6 Greeks, (i-19) Heb. Javanim, Gen. 10.2. 3:9 prepare (a-6) Lit. 'hallow,' 'sanctify,' as Jer. 6.4. 3:11 ye (b-2) Or 'Band together.' ones (c-18) Gibbor. see Judg. 5.13; Job 3.3. 3:14 decision! (d-7) decision. (d-20) Or 'what is determined,' as Isa. 10.22, &c. 3:16 refuge (e-32) Or 'stronghold,' 'fortress.' see Jer. 16.19. 3:18 water-courses (f-28) Or 'ravines.' Shittim. (g-52) Valley of acacias.
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