Joshua 10

1:1 Joshua (a-19) Meaning 'Jehovah [is] Saviour.' see Num. 13.16.10:5 armies, (c-39) Elsewhere also 'camps.' 10:12 still (a-30) Lit. 'be silent.' 10:13 Jasher? (b-30) Or 'of the upright,' as 2Sam. 1.18. 10:40 mountain, (a-8) Or 'hill-country;' and so chs. 11.16,21; 12.8; 18.12; 21.11. south, (b-11) It appears that the border land between the country that was afterwards allotted to Judah, and the wilderness, was called Negeb, which means 'the South.' See Gen. 12.9.
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