Joshua 11

1:1 Joshua (a-19) Meaning 'Jehovah [is] Saviour.' see Num. 13.16.11:2 Chinneroth, (a-17) Gennesaret. west, (b-30) Lit 'the sea.' 11:4 armies (c-9) Or 'camps.' 11:6 slain (d-23) Lit. 'pierced through.' 11:8 valley (e-26) Wide valley or plain surrounded by heights. so ver. 17. 11:13 hills (f-10) Or 'mounds.' see Jer. 30.18. 11:14 men (g-25) Lit. 'The Adam' -- man as a race. 11:15 nothing (h-19) Or 'not a word.' 11:16 south, (i-12) The Negeb. see ch. 10.40 lowland, (k-21) The Shephelah. see ch. 9.1; Deut. 1.7. plain, (l-24) The Arabah. so ch. 12.8, &c.. see ch. 3.16. 11:17 mountain, (a-4) Or 'Mount Halak.' 11:21 mountains, (b-14) mountain (b-25) mountain (b-32) Or 'hill-country.'
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