Joshua 15

1:1 Joshua (a-19) Meaning 'Jehovah [is] Saviour.' see Num. 13.16.15:4 ended (c-17) Lit. 'its out-goings were.' so elsewhere. 15:8 valley (a-50) Or 'gorge.' 15:10 Har-jearim, (b-17) Or 'the mountain of Jearim.' 15:13 Arba, (c-28) i.e. Kirjath-Arba. 15:19 land; (d-15) Or 'the south land.' 15:25 Hazor, (a-7) Others, 'and Kirioth (Hezron is Hazor).' Hazor-hadattah, (e-2) Or 'new Hazor.' 15:32 hamlets. (b-15) See ch. 13.23. 15:40 Lahmas, (c-4) Or 'Lahmam' 15:45 hamlets. (b-8) See ch. 13.23. villages (d-5) Lit. 'daughters.' see ch. 17.11. 15:46 westward (e-4) Or 'toward the sea.' so chs. 16.6; 17.9,10; 19.11, &c. 15:62 Ir-Hammelah, (f-4) i.e. City of salt.
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