Joshua 19

1:1 Joshua (a-19) Meaning 'Jehovah [is] Saviour.' see Num. 13.16.19:8 Ramah (a-14) Meaning 'height.' south. (b-17) Negeb. see ch. 10.40. It may perhaps here be taken as south Ramah, or south Ramoth, as 1Sam. 30.27. 19:13 Neah; (c-22) Or 'which bounds Neah;' others read 'Rimmon, Methoar, Neah.' 19:27 left, (d-30) i.e. on the north. 19:33 Zaanannim; (a-11) Or 'Allon-Zaanannim.' 19:46 Japho. (b-10) i.e. Joppa. 19:47 with (c-10) Or 'went out beyond.' see Judg. 18.1. 19:50 word (d-4) Lit. 'mouth.' so chs. 21.3; 22.9.
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