Joshua 9

1:1 Joshua (a-19) Meaning 'Jehovah [is] Saviour.' see Num. 13.16.9:1 lowland, (b-23) The Shephelah. see Deut. 1.7. 9:2 accord. (c-14) Lit. 'mouth.' 9:4 journey, (d-14) Or 'feigned themselves ambassadors.' Some read 'provided themselves with victuals.' 9:6 make (e-30) Lit. 'cut.' so regularly, as Gen. 15.18. 9:7 I (f-21) Or 'we,' i.e. Israel. 9:12 mouldy. (g-33) Others read 'in crumbs.' 9:23 be (a-12) Lit. 'there shall not be cut off from you.' 9:24 lives (b-47) Lit. 'our souls.'
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