Lamentations 3

1:1 (a-0) In chs. 1 and 2 the initial letter of each verse, consisting of three parts or lines, follows the alphabetical order.3:1 (c-0) In this chapter, each verse in every succeeding set of three begins with the same Hebrew letter; and the whole in alphabetical order. man (d-4) Geber; and so in vers. 27,35,39. see Job 3.3. 3:13 arrows (a-5) Lit. 'sons.' 3:19 wandering, (b-7) Or 'my misery.' see ch. 1.7. 3:39 man (c-8) Geber, Job 3.3. 'living man' in this verse is Adam. punishment (d-11) chet; sin, also punishment, Isa. 1.18, 'sins.' see Zech. 14.19. 3:47 ruin. (e-11) Lit. 'breach.' see Jer. 6.14; 8.21; Amos 6.6. 3:48 ruin (e-11) Lit. 'breach.' see Jer. 6.14; 8.21; Amos 6.6. 3:52 me (a-10) Or 'Mine enemies have without cause chased me.' 3:53 pit, (b-9) See Note, Jer. 37.16. 3:58 cause (c-6) Lit. 'causes.'
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