Leviticus 14

1:2 offering (a-18) offering (a-25) Corban, 'present,' noun derived from the verb translated 'present.'14:4 birds, (e-18) Little birds. As 'sparrow,' Ps. 84.3; 102.7. 14:5 running (f-16) Lit.'living.' 14:7 sprinkle (g-4) As ch. 8.11. 14:8 bathe (h-18) 'Bathe' here and in all these passages is 'bathe the whole body.' 14:10 log (i-34) A twelfth part of a hin. 14:20 offer (a-5) Olah, 'offer up' or 'cause to ascend' on the altar itself. see Note c, ch. 2.12. 14:34 plague (a-22) Elsewhere, as to persons, 'sore.' 14:35 plague (a-20) Elsewhere, as to persons, 'sore.' 14:36 plague, (a-20) Elsewhere, as to persons, 'sore.' 14:41 mortar (b-19) Lit. 'dust.' 14:42 mortar, (b-21) Lit. 'dust.' 14:49 birds, (c-13) See Note, ver. 4. 14:50 running (a-12) Lit. 'living.' 14:51 running (a-32) Lit. 'living.' 14:52 running (a-19) Lit. 'living.' 14:57 when (b-3) when (b-8) Lit. 'in the day of.'
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