Leviticus 17

1:2 offering (a-18) offering (a-25) Corban, 'present,' noun derived from the verb translated 'present.'17:3 slaughtereth (c-21) 'Kill as sacrifice,' as chs. 1.5 and 3.2; Ex. 34.25. 17:4 offering (d-19) Corban. see ch. 1.2. 17:6 burn (a-22) See ch. 1.9. 17:7 demons, (b-10) Lit. 'hairy.' hence 'a buck-goat.' Sacrifices were offered to imaginary beings thus designated. see Isa. 13.21; 34.14. 17:8 up (c-24) See ch. 14.20. 17:9 up (d-16) Lit. 'to perform it.' 17:11 soul (e-3) Or 'life;' 'life' and 'soul' are the same word everywhere here. for (f-24) Lit. 'in souls.' see Note, ch. 6.30. soul. (g-37) Or 'that maketh atonement by the soul (or life).' 17:14 it; (h-15) Lit. 'its blood is for its life,' the preposition here denoting essence.
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