Leviticus 26

1:2 offering (a-18) offering (a-25) Corban, 'present,' noun derived from the verb translated 'present.'26:5 threshing (a-3) Strictly, 'treading out.' see Deut. 25.4. 26:11 habitation (b-6) Or 'tabernacle,' Mishkan, as Ex. 25.9. 26:15 despise (a-5) Or 'reject.' so vers. 43,44. 'Statutes' as Ex. 12.24. 26:25 together (b-22) Or 'withdrawn.' 26:30 idols; (c-23) See Ezek. 6.4. 26:34 enjoy (d-27) Here, rather 'make good,' in the sense of making up for the sabbaths not kept. see 2 Chron. 36.21. 26:42 Jacob, (a-7) I take this to be the covenant of Ex. 6, not the law. It connected itself directly with the covenant made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, adding the name of Jehovah, and taking up the people under that name.
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