Leviticus 3

1:2 offering (a-18) offering (a-25) Corban, 'present,' noun derived from the verb translated 'present.'3:1 offering (b-4) Corban, 'gift,' or 'present,' see ch. 1.2. 'First-fruits,' here in ver. 12, is 'beginning,' Gen. 1.1. The word for 'firstfruits' in ver. 14 is more strictly in general for 'first-born;' first-ripe in Jer. 24.2; Hos. 9.10. 3:5 odour. (f-34) See Note a, ch. 1.9. 3:11 food (a-13) Lit. 'bread.' 3:16 food (a-13) Lit. 'bread.'
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