Leviticus 4

1:2 offering (a-18) offering (a-25) Corban, 'present,' noun derived from the verb translated 'present.'4:2 sin (b-12) Chata, to sin. so also vers 3,14,22,27. and elsewhere. See Note b, ch. 5.1. 'Sin' and 'sin offering' here are from the same root in Hebrew. see Note h, Gen. 4.7. 4:10 ox (c-8) Animal of the herd, male or female. burn (d-18) See Note i, ch. 1.9. 4:12 he (e-6) Or 'one.' so ver. 21. out, (f-21) See Note e, ch. 1.16. burn (g-23) burnt. (g-38) 'Consume wholly.' so ver. 21; chs. 6.30; 7.17,19; 8.17; 9.11; 10.16; 16.27. See Ex. 29.34. 4:15 one (a-20) The expression 'one shall slaughter' has interest in respect of the point where self-offering and mediatorial work begins. It was not the priest who slaughtered, unless he were the guilty one (ver. 4), and then it is not as priest. I do not know that it is more precise in vers. 4 and 24. 4:22 prince (b-3) Or 'principal man,' 'ruler.' 4:23 offering, (c-16) 'Corban,' see ch. 1.2. 4:27 one (d-4) Lit. 'one soul.' 4:28 offering, (c-17) 'Corban,' see ch. 1.2. 4:32 offering (a-9) Corban, see ch. 1.2.
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