Leviticus 8

1:2 offering (a-18) offering (a-25) Corban, 'present,' noun derived from the verb translated 'present.'8:7 him. (b-41) Lit. 'ephoded him with it.' Ex. 28.8; 29.5. The girdle of the ephod, which had a peculiar name, bound the ephod as well as the cloak, which was called the 'cloak of the ephod.' The other girdle was on the vest or shirt. 8:8 Urim (c-14) Light, or Lights. Thummim; (d-17) Perfection, or Perfections. see refs., Neh. 7.65. 8:11 sprinkled (e-3) As Ex. 29.21; Lev. 4.6 and 17. 8:14 bullock (f-6) 'Young bullock,' everywhere here. 8:15 for (g-46) Or 'upon,' as Ex. 30.10. 8:21 he (h-7) Or 'one.' 8:27 wave-offering (a-18) My impression is that 'wave-offering' is more 'consecration;' see Ex. 29.24. and 'heave-offering' more 'offering;' see Ex. 25.2,3. 8:28 burned (b-10) See ch. 1.9. consecration-offering (c-21) Lit. 'filling of hand.' see ver. 33; Ex. 28.41. 8:33 consecrated. (d-36) Lit. 'shall your hands be filled.' so chs. 16.32; 21.10. see 9.17, 'took a handful.'
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