Luke 15

1:2 attendants (c-11) Huperetes. see Note, 1Cor. 4.1.15:1 coming (a-9) Lit. 'drawing near;' not only at this time; it is usual. 15:7 who (b-24) Or 'such as.' 15:10 is (c-7) Lit. 'takes place.' Ginomai. 15:12 of. (d-32) 'what they had to live on,' as 'substance,' 1John 3.17. 15:16 husks (e-10) The word translated 'husks' is a food called St. John's bread; it was eaten by animals and sometimes by destitute persons. 15:20 kisses. (f-40) 'Covered him with kisses.' As ch. 7.38; Matt. 26.49; Mark 14.45; Acts 20.37. 15:29 serve (a-13) Douleuo. bond-service, i.e. of a slave.
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