Luke 19

1:2 attendants (c-11) Huperetes. see Note, 1Cor. 4.1.19:2 he (d-17) Or 'the man.' lit. 'this.' 19:3 was. (e-9) Lit. 'who he is.' 19:13 bondmen, (a-7) Or 'ten bondmen of his.' minas, (b-13) Mina. see Note, Ezek. 45.12. coming. (c-22) The same sense as 'till I come;' he was to go and return (ver. 12); while he was away and not yet come they were to trade. 19:27 them, (d-13) In ver. 14 the expression is the same, but with a change of tense. 19:29 at (e-14) Pros. see Note, Matt. 21.1. 19:30 man (f-26) Lit. 'no one of men.' 19:38 Lord. (a-12) 'Jehovah.' see Ps. 118.26. 19:41 wept (b-10) Not only weeping, as Mark 9.24, but audible expression of grief, as ch. 22.62; Rom. 12.15; Phil. 3.18; Rev. 5.4, &c. 19:45 temple, (c-5) Hieron, as Matt. 4.5. 19:46 written, (d-6) Isa. 56.7 and Jer. 7.11. 19:47 temple. (c-10) Hieron, as Matt. 4.5.
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