Luke 20

1:2 attendants (c-11) Huperetes. see Note, 1Cor. 4.1.20:1 temple, (c-19) Hieron, as Matt. 4.5. 20:17 written, (a-13) Ps. 118.22. corner-stone? (b-25) Lit. 'head of corner.' 20:19 of (c-31) Or 'against.' 20:20 they (d-16) i.e. the 'suborned persons.' see ver. 26. 20:28 brother. (e-35) Deut. 25.5. 20:34 world (f-10) Or 'age.' 20:35 world, (f-12) Or 'age.' 20:37 bush, (a-14) See Note at Mark 2.26. Lord (b-19) 'Jehovah.' see Mark 12.26. Jacob; (c-33) Ex. 3.6. 20:42 Psalms, (d-9) Ps. 110.1. 20:46 suppers; (e-30) Or 'in feasts.' 20:47 judgment. (f-19) Krima, the sentence passed on the thing charged as guilt, even the charge itself as ground of judgment; not the fact of condemnation.
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