Luke 21

1:2 attendants (c-11) Huperetes. see Note, 1Cor. 4.1.21:18 wise (a-10) A strengthened negative. 21:19 souls. (b-7) Or 'possess your souls.' In the first sense, that of the text, it is the same thought as Matt. 24.13; Luke 17.33; Matt. 16.25; Luke 9.24, &c.. see Mark 13.13. For the second, the Greek certainly means 'possess,' as 'owners,' Acts 4.34. See 1Thess. 4.4, which evidently does not mean 'obtain a wife,' as alleged. There is the idea in the word of 'having by getting.' see Matt. 10.9; Luke 18.12. The idea is, 'they would have Messiah's deliverance,' and it is so worded as to allow that it would be a better deliverance to the killed, though some would win life here below. 21:21 it (c-20) i.e. Jerusalem. 21:37 temple, (d-9) abroad (e-17) As 'passed the night,' Matt. 21.17. 21:38 temple (d-14) Hieron. as Matt. 4.5.
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