Luke 24

1:2 attendants (c-11) Huperetes. see Note, 1Cor. 4.1.24:1 sabbath, (d-7) Or 'on the first [day] of the week.' 24:4 by (e-19) Same expression as 'was there by,' ch. 2.9. shining (f-22) As 'lightens,' ch. 17.24. 24:7 sinners, (g-14) Lit. 'men sinners.' 24:13 stadia (h-17) About 7 English miles. 24:16 know (a-10) As Matt. 11.27. 24:19 Nazaraean, (b-18) Some read 'Nazarene,' as Mark 1.24. prophet (c-22) Lit. 'a man, a prophet.' 24:20 judgment (d-14) See Note f, ch. 20.47. 24:21 was (e-7) Lit. 'is.' 24:30 gave (f-23) It has the sense of 'giving it into their hands,' as a letter. as ver. 42; ch. 4.17. He took the house-father's place, and blessed and gave it to them. 24:35 bread. (g-22) Or 'the loaf;' also ver. 30. 24:42 gave (a-3) Same as 'gave' in ver. 30. see Note. 24:43 it (b-4) Or 'took it before them and ate.'
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