Luke 9

1:2 attendants (c-11) Huperetes. see Note, 1Cor. 4.1.9:5 off (d-15) Aorist tense. 'have it done.' 9:8 one (a-12) Lit. 'a prophet, one of the old [ones].' 9:17 hand-baskets. (b-25) Possibly 'twelve hand-baskets of fragments.' see Matt. 16.9 9:19 one (c-14) Or 'some prophet of the old ones.' see Note a. 9:22 things, (d-9) Or 'suffer much.' 9:24 lose (e-10) lose (e-15) I am not satisfied with 'lose' here, but it must be read in connexion with what immediately follows. The word is the same as 'destroyed' in ver. 25. It means both 'lose' and 'destroy.' see Rom. 14.15; 1Cor. 8.11, 'perish.' 9:27 not (f-18) A strong negative. 'in no wise.' 9:28 mountain (a-24) See Note, Matt. 5.1. 9:29 countenance (b-9) As 'face,' Matt. 17.2. 9:30 who (c-8) Hostis. as Matt. 7.24; 'who indeed,' or 'who were no other than.' 9:33 Master, (d-15) As ch. 5.5. 9:34 overshadowed (e-13) See Note, Matt. 17.5. they (f-19) Some authorities read 'those,' but I have put 'they' (i.e. the disciples (Ed.)), with other authorities, as it seems a change made to refer it to Moses and Elias. 9:35 was (g-3) Ginomai, 'took place.' 9:36 was (g-5) Ginomai, 'took place.' 9:41 long (h-11) Lit. 'until when.' 9:46 greatest (i-12) Lit. 'greater,' as Matt. 18.1. 9:47 by (k-16) Or 'alongside of.' 9:49 Master, (d-5) As ch. 5.5. forbad (a-18) Or 'hindered,' 'prohibited,' as ch. 11.52; Matt. 19.14. 9:50 Forbid (b-6) Or 'hinder,' 'prohibit.' 9:55 are]. (c-15) The words in brackets are, to say the least, doubtful.
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