Malachi 2

1:1 (e-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Malachi'), Said to mean, 'Messenger of Jah.'2:7 seek (e-13) Or 'should seek.' messenger (f-20) Malach, i.e. messenger or angel. 2:11 sanctuary (g-20) Elsewhere 'holy place' or 'holy thing.' 2:12 answereth; (h-21) A circumlocution for 'all.' 2:13 further (i-2) Or 'secondly.' 2:15 [them]? (a-6) Or 'did he not make [them] one thing?' one? (b-18) Or 'one thing.' The application of this passage to Abraham, which some insist on, is not to be admitted. 2:16 garment, (c-18) Or 'who multiplies violence on his wife.'
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